HUD HUD CYCLONE affects children @ DBNJ, Vizag

14 April 2020

Don Bosco Navajeevan, Visakhapatnam felt direct impact of the Hudhud cyclone that hit the coastal Andhra Pradesh and Odisha in October, 2014. It had a reported speed of 190 kmph.  Though fatalities were limited, thanks to the early warnings, it has practically reduced the once beautiful district of Visakhapatnam into barren land, throwing people into a state of desperation.  Many of the buildings were rendered uninhabitable.  Sources of livelihood were practically wiped out.

Inmates of DB Navajeevan protected themselves by running to safer buildings as they thought the old and feeble building would collapse at any moment. When the strength of Hudhud weakened all the children were temporarily shifted to some of the neighbouring houses. They cannot return to resume their schooling and training till the buildings are repaired and water supply, electricity, etc. are restored.

Exec Director, BSK, Fr.Thomas Santiagu made a personal survey of the affected area and assessed the extent of damage to people and property.

At present Navajeevan is taking care of 150 children in its homes as residents, giving skill training to 160 youth for their livelihood, bridge education to sixty school dropouts and supporting over 120 children by providing them study material, uniforms, books, etc.


Shelter at Sivalayam Street rendered useless for living.  It needs to be demolished and rebuilt.

Roof of Children’s Home at Allipuram blown off leaving it vulnerable to rain and wind. Many doors and windows are lost. Water supply and electricity connections need to be restored.

Dormitory and kitchen at Rehabilitation Home, Sabbavaram are totally destroyed.

Water and power supply systems are completely ruined, including a newly installed Heavy duty Generator and a Transformer Unit, uprooting of 850 coconut trees, 360 Cashew trees and 320 Teak wood plants apart from other fruit trees.

Unless resources are immediately mobilized and the necessary restoration works carried out on an emergency basis the future of Navajeevan children will be in great jeopardy.

Fr.Thomas Thottayil, Director DBNJ Vizag, appeals, “In this condition of unparalleled tragedy, I request all those who are kind and compassionate to the cause of the young at Risk, to contribute your valuable donations to meet these emergency needs to help the most needy children to find their way in life.”