Children in Rajiv Nagar ensure Safety of School from Miscreants

14 April 2020

Parliament meetings held by in Rajiv Nagar had one common problem surfacing each time – the poor upkeep of their Government School.  Issues like lack of drinking water, absenteeism of teachers, garbage in classrooms were taken up and sorted by addressing them to the Principal.  The children themselves took up the responsibility of cleaning the classrooms and school premises collectively.

One problem that was beyond their reach was the broken beer bottles they would find in their classrooms often.  This they found out was the mischief of drunkards who used the school as their joint.   It was discussed in the meeting that the issue had to be taken to appropriate authorities and that they should involve elders in the matter.

A written representation was made and given to the local Corporator.  It was taken up immediately.  It was noted that the government school there did not have a gate. It was old and broken, making it easy for miscreants to enter and spoil the premises at will.  The Corporator sanctioned the installation of a strong gate for the school compound and the problem was thus solved.  Initiative of Members of the Children’s Parliament was greatly appreciated.