BSK at the National Seminar on Youth Development, Sriperumbudur

14 April 2020

National Institute of Youth Development, Sriperumbudur organised its First National Seminar on Youth Development on 26-27 February, 2015.  The seminar had over 200 delegates from across the country.  Around 50 professionals from different areas were present in the plenary and parallel sessions.

Director, DBTech, Hyderabad – Fr.P Arul Das and Sr.Program Manager, BSK – Mr.K Satyanand participated in the seminar. They presented technical papers on the themes of Entrepreneurship and Education respectively. In the paper on Entrepreneurship, Fr.Arul Das focused on the ‘Significance of Transforming Youth as Entrepreneurs’ – young women entrepreneurs created by BSK’s Micro-credit initiative. The study revealed that the women needed continued mentoring and monitoring in order to achieve total self-sustenance in their chosen area of business / enterprise and the MACS as a whole.

Mr.K Satyanand presented a paper on the reasons for girl children from marginalized, tribal populations not opting to go for higher education. The study revealed multiple issues that ail the socio-cultural and economic set up not only in these communities but in the so called ‘mainstream society’ with regard to acceptance of gender and social equity.

The seminar provided an good opportunity to students from different universities and Colleges to interact and exchange ideas with each other.  There was also an exclusive session for the youth conducted by a young panel in the seminar.  There was also a cultural evening by the students on themes of youth development.

It was an excellent platform for sharing of experiences, learnings, initiatives and policies among youth workers and experts from across the country for the common goal of Youth Development.