Food Festival at DBHRDC Gagilapuram

14 April 2020

The Department of Hospitality organised a food festival for its trainees on 27 February, 2015 at the DB HRD Centre, Gagillapuram.

All the 30 trainees participated enthusiastically in preparing for a four course meal.  They started with a welcome drink, soup, main course and dessert. While some got into food carving, others were eager to try out their Chicken Biryani recipe.  The salads were a visual delight, with tomatoes crafted into beautiful red roses, and cucumbers as fish.

20150227_132835 20150227_132826

The welcome drink was the humble lemonade.  The meal began with a choice of veg and non-veg Soups and salads of boiled vegetables and garden veggies.  For the main course, the famous Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, Coconut Rice and Tomato Curry and Curd Raita were a sumptuous spread. The meal ended with further richness of Kala Jamun and Kaddu-ka-halwa.

Food festival was a fun learning experience for all the students.  For Hospitality students, it was an opportunity to try out vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, food presentation, table laying, table waiting and clearing.  For the  rest of the guests, it was a joy to see the pride in their friends’ faces and not to mention having a very tasty meal!