09 March 2020


In 2020, International Women’s Day celebrated globally on 8th March will highlight the, The theme of International Women’s Day 2020 is, I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights. The theme is aligned with UN Women’s new multigenerational campaign, Generation Equality, which marks the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, the most progressive roadmap for the empowerment of women and girls, everywhere. that sets the agenda for realizing women’s rights. According to Gloria Steinem “the Story of, Women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization, but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.

Commemorating this women’s day Bosco Seva Kendra organized a women’s day celebration on 9th of March 2020 in DHRDC Gagillapuram for the women staff working for BSK and the provincial house. The BSK staff and the staff of provincial house women were welcomed in the Indian tradition by the students from Gagillapuram, keeping kumkum on their forehead and saffron on either cheek which symbolizes the sacredness of womanhood. The celebration brought joy to all the staff,

The progrmme was orgnised by Fr..Srath, started with a universal prayer and followed by extending a warm welcome to the Special invitees for the programme, Ms.Anny and Ms.Regina well-wishers of DDHRDC campus, ,Rev.Fr.Sudhaakar BSK Director and Mr.Martin from Netherlands..

Fr.Sudhakar spoke about on the theme women’s day and the significance of its celebration and emphasized on the theme off 2020 an equal world is an enabled world,’ is the core message of International Women’s Day 2020; and it’s a message that rings truer than ever before and he also spoke on the importance of empowerment of women in this fast developing society

Mr. Martin from Netherlands cooperator of don Bosco spoke about the celebration of women’s day focusing on women, it is an important occasion for all of us to pause for a moment to reflect on ourselves, to appreciate how much has been done and what more needs to be done in the field of gender equality. Moreover, it is the day to acknowledge all the men and women in the world for making this world a better place for everyone to live in, An equal world is an enabled world,’ is the core message of International Women’s Day 2020; Inspires both men and women to stand against bias, broaden perceptions, and celebrate collective individualism and equality.

The afternoon session was more fun filled the women staffs were invited and actively particpted in the games and dance followed by distribution o prize to the winners.

The program would not have been a great success without the help of the BSK director,Assistant Director Fr.Sarath DHRDDC students, staff and other volunteers. Mrs.Vijaya from BSK extendeds her heartfelt gratitude to all those for making the event an extraordinary one.