CSR Conclave at Hyderabad

14 April 2020

Bosco Seva Kendra in collaboration with BoscoNet organized a Corporate Meet to explore the scope and possibilities of partnership through CSR route. Though there are only 80% of the participants turned out but the response from the Corporate was quite encouraging. The list of invitees were 50 and 29 out of them confirmed their presence, but 9 dropped out during the last days. Strategically, few of the existing partners corporate were also invited to create a peer pressure by sharing their experience with Don Bosco. Unlike the general tendency, the guest came in time and we could start the event right at 1530 hrs. The program started with a welcome note from Ms.Pascal explaining the objective of the event, followed by self introduction of the participants. The next session was introduction of CSR and its legalities, conducted by Mr.Debangshu Ganguly, HOD – Strategic Partnership. The session explained the CSR rules, overview of section 135 of Company Act and the Schedule VII. The session was very interactive, with questions raised on the practical difficulties that the corporate were facing while implementing the CSR. All the questions we answered satisfactorily.

Director of BSK, Fr.Thomas Santiagu took up the next session with the elaborate presentation on the work of Don Bosco in AP and Telengana. The presentation was kept in the theme of 5 Es, Education, Enable, Empowerment, Employability and Engagement. The communication strategy was kept on these thematic areas, including the promotional display at the venue. During the session Fr. Santiagu invited few of our existing partners to share their experience. Their views supplemented the core competency of Don Bosco and the core value areas of DB Philosophy. To show the live example of our impact, a young boy from Navajeevan, Michael narrated his story of his personal struggle and how Navajeevan and Salesians of DB changed his life. He is presently working with Dell, and has plans to go to Rome for further studies. The participants were spellbound to hear from him how Salesians of DB made the change in his life.   The event succeeded in achieving its objective.  Representatives from the participating  Companies were eager to join hands. Three of them expressed keenness to partner with us and one of the existing partners confirmed continued support for the next two years with 10% – 20% increase. Networking over high tea lasted for over an hour as participants were interested to know about our work in detail.