DB Tech Retail Alumna inspires confidence

14 April 2020

Ms. D Renuka, an alumni of Don Bosco Tech, Hyderabad, was invited on 05 June 2015 to conduct a session for the students of three months training in RETAIL. She is currently employed with Acties Technologies – a growing business support services provider of customer experience management in India.

She gave a brief introduction about the company. Founded by Tutul Chowdary, Atcis Technology is a subsidiary concern of the multi-operational ATC Group. They have branches in Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bangalore. They have been managing 8 million customer experiences per month from different locations across the globe.

Ms.Renuka manages voice calls and shared about how the trainers help trainees. She spoke about how to handle in bound calls and out bound calls, telephone handling skills, Importance of Communication Skills in interviews, Active Listening Skills, Paraphrasing, Customer Problem Solving, Task rapport balance and Customer Service Skills. She emphasized on the importance of confidence and hard work and assured the students that “The training at DB Tech will help you learn skills that will surely bring success in your lives. Beside skills training, the programme covers soft skills and personality development.”

She cited her progress as a testimony – at first she was poor in speaking and writing in English, and had no knowledge of computers. During the training at DB Tech (Bandlaguda), all her fears vanished and now she is more confident to not only speak in English but can also use computers to take the customer calls, drawing a salary of Rs.7,000 per month.