Teacher’s Day Celebrations at DB Tech Vizag

14 April 2020





Teacher’s Day Celebrations at DB Tech Vizag

Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions

Teachers do not impact for a year but for a life time. Teacher’s Day is celebrated around the world on different dates. In India it is observed on 5th September marking the birth Anniversary of the second Indian President and academic philosopher Sri Sarvepalli Radhakrishna.

The trainees of Vizag City expressed their heartfelt and warm gratitude to their teachers on this auspicious day. The students wonderfully coordinated the Cultural and other amusement activities among themselves under the assistance of Fr. Ratna Kumar who always strengthens and supports the will of both staff and students to achieve their best. The Teachers’ Day is celebrated at Beach Blossoms School. Fr. Thomas, The Director of Vizag City DB Tech as the Chief Guest has taken the privilege to render his beautifully quoted statements. He referred teachers as the “moulders of Humanity” and elaborated saying that “Children are like wet cement. Whatever you imprint on them at this tender age will last for a life time and even to generations which succeed them. Please use more heart than head in imparting wisdom. Greater trouble maker in your class is telling you if you cannot love me at least hate me, for that I need your attention somehow. Hitler and Jesus, both are in your class. Who becomes what depends on your intervention. No one will remember you long for getting A+ for all your students, but many will adore you for making your wards loving and caring humans.” The words of our beloved director kindled every teacher’s heart with love towards their students.

As part of celebrations students presented several performances to thank their teachers. The teachers were made to participate in cultural activities and prizes were distributed to the winners. Later trainer Ravi delivered a speech. He gave the best definition to the word teacher – “A small lamp in the thick forest does not show the path to cross the entire forest but makes sure that our very next step is safe and sound. The same way a good teacher may not lead the entire life of his student but definitely makes sure that his very next action is significant to his progress.”

The students shared their experiences with the teachers at DB Tech and at last the teachers were presented mementos as a token of appreciation and gratitude for their contribution towards the benefit of the students. At the end Fr. Ratna Kumar delivered his vote of thanks to Fr. Thomas and to all the students for their participation and zeal to make the day graceful. It is marked as the most memorable day ever spent.