International Women’s Day at BIRD, Guntur

14 April 2020


International Women’s Day at BIRD, Guntur

International Women’s Day was organized at BIRD, Guntur on 08 March 2016. Ms.Sk.Johny Moon, Chairperson, Zilla Praja Parishad – Guntur, attended as a Chief Guest, and guest of honorees’ was as follows:

Chief Guests presided for this International Women’s Day Program

  • Fr.Thathireddy Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, Provincial, Hyderabad
  • Sr.Ratna Mary, Provincial, St.Ann’s Provincialate, Guntur
  • Fr.Louis Babu, President, St.Michael’s Boys Home, Guntur


Fr.Arul Das, Director of BSK, welcomed the Chief Guest, the guests of honor and the women members to the event and wishes everyone on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The director then explained about Bosco Seva Kendra’s developmental activities. He shared with the gathering that through women empowerment programs, BSK is able to reach close to 26,000 women members and their families. They have benefited from income generating activities/trades, training and credit support from BSK. He thanked all individuals and agencies that provided financial and technical support to BSK and members.

Chief Guest Ms.Sk.Johny Moon, Chairperson, Zilla Praja Parishad-Guntur greeted the gathering on the occasion of International Women’s Day and spoke about the importance of girl child education. Ms.Moon explained about the various government schemes that encourage girl children education and other facilities like “Chandranna Cheyutha” etc.

MACS (Mutually Aided Cooperative Society) staff Ms.Mary and team played a skit on “Drunkard husband and distressed wife” to educate the women on how bad habits affect families.


Fr.Thathireddy Vijaya Bhaskar, Provincial, Hyderabad greeted all women, and gave a message on the importance of education, if any child (boy or girl) educated and got the job, and settled in his life, then generations subsequently will get  the benefit of education and discipline. He commended the work of MACS saying, “If I concentrate on Don Bosco School, 100 students will get the education in a year per section per tutor. Suppose one teacher works for 25 years, it means 2500 students will be educated in 25 years of service. Through BSK, within 10 years of service 26,000 families have benefitted from income generation activities, training, and credit support. I appreciate Fr’s and staff services in this program.”

Pledge of Parity

Sr.Ratna Mary, Provincial, St.Ann’s Provincialate, Guntur gave greetings for International Women’s Day, and addressed the 2016 year theme “Pledge of Parity”. “Recently I read a survey that said male and female will get equality of rights and opportunities after 105 years; ‘Is this real?’” she asked the participants. “Do we have to wait for such a long time to get equality in gender? To get equality what do we have to do in our families?” she questioned the participants. She cited examples of how parents had a differential outlook towards the education of sons and daughters – sending the former to a good school and the latter to a mediocre center to save money. She stressed on the need to start bringing parity from home first for a change in society.

Rev.Fr.Louis Babu, President, St.Michael’s Boys Home, Guntur gave a message of family growth and the importance of coordination between wife and husband towards family growth and children’s growth and discipline.

Ms.Sivakumari and team sang a song to educate the members on women empowerment.

Fr.Arul das and Fr.Thathireddy Vijaya Bhaskar distributed prizes to winners, who win the games and best performers as a Group leader, Board of Director, etc.

Sr.Ratna Mary honored the members of staff who completed 10 years of service in Bosco Seva Kendra.

Mr.S.Chandrasekhar State Coordinator, MACS, gave the vote of thanks and concluded the International Women’s Day program.