Integrating ‘Nutrition’ with ‘Tasty’ food

09 April 2020

DON BOSCO HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT CENTER,  Dept of Hospital  (Food and Beverage service), Gagillapuram had some very valuable inputs on the importance of integrating good nutrition with tasty food.

A special session was organised for the students of hospitality course with a guest lecture by Ms.Fran Schmitt, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist from the USA.  She gave practical insights into the role catering professionals played in the health of the ones they served.  She entered the kitchen and observed how the students were cooking and gave inputs on how to include simple methods to save the natural nutritive components of different ingredients used.

She also explained about how to plan a meal menu that is  wholesome and nutritious.

Ms.Schmitt is a retired professional and is volunteering with Don Bosco Navajivan, Ramanthapur for one year.  She made the students feel comfortable around her so they were  more open and pro-active to learn from her rich experience in the field of food technology.