20 April 2020



Brief History

The Vizag Navajeevan Bala Bhavan is an initiative of the Salesians of Hyderabad Province in the year 1999. It is meant for the rehabilitation of street, orphan, working children and the Young at Risk in all categories in the City of Visakhapatnam and neighboring Districts. We have several programmes for the street children.


1. Street Contacts:

The Street Counselors of Navajeevan daily visit Railway Stations, Bus Stations, Market places and Streets in search of the children at Risk. They initiate primary contacts with such children and gradually win their confidence. They invite the children to Navajeevan Shelters, where they are welcomed as part of Navajeevan family. The children who come first for food and shelter are attracted by love and hospitality of the staff and other children and gradually get initiated to education and vocational training. Over the years Navajeevan has contacted 2087 children.

2. Home Placement:

Not all children run away from their homes due to poverty, violence, etc. The children, who run away due to peer pressure, curiosity, misunderstandings etc., are counseled and returned to their homes. Parents also will be counseled through family counselors before the children are reunited with the family. So far we have home placed 442 children.

3. Awareness programmes for parents:

Parents of poor and socially backward classes, especially of urban areas are given awareness programmes regarding the problems of children, the factors that motivate them to leave home and become school dropouts. They are also educated in abandoning violence in their dealings with children and are taught ways and means in which they can be caring parents in spite of their hard situation in life. Navajeevan was able to conduct 80 such training programmes, covering over 4800 parents.

4. Scholarship programmes for the school-going children:

Many children from slum areas in the city and poverty stricken rural areas become school dropouts. The parents of these children are unable to meet the various school expenses like fees, uniforms, text books, note books, and they are not properly motivated to educate the children. Navajeevan conducts motivation camps for such children and extends scholarships to them to ensure their continuing education. At present Navajeevan is assisting 360 such children.

5. Bridge school for school-drop-out children:

Many factors lead to children becoming school dropouts. Some of the main reasons are lack of parental follow up, poor school ambient, lack of personal attention, poor nutrition, etc. Navajeevan conducts a bridge-school for such children and places them back in good schools at the end of one year. During this time they are given personal attention and counseling, good nutrition, and they learn through attractive methods and child friendly ways. Children who run away from other school are regular and happy to come to Navajeevan Bridge School called ‘Beach Blossoms’. Each year Navajeevan mainstreams 80-100 such children. So far we have put back 480 children in regular schools and the success rate is 85%.

6. Shelter at Allipuram and Devipuram:

Children who are brought from the streets and who are unwilling to go back to their families fearing starvation, violence, abuse, etc., are retained in one of the Shelters at Allipuram or Devipuram. After systematic counseling and motivation they are sent to school and placed in various classes according to age, preparation and intelligence. At present Navajeevan have 50 children at Allipuram Shelter and 110 children at Devipuram Shelter. Most of the children who dreaded school in the past are doing well in their studies to the extent that some of them are toppers in the class.

7. Skill training centre at Visakhapatnam:

There are several children who are unable to complete X-class or Intermediate education. For these children Navajeevan runs a Skill Training Centre where hundreds of youth are given three-month training in Tailoring, Embroidery, Beautician, Computer education courses. Navajeevan so far has trained 1980 youngsters who are now either self-employed or working in various companies and offices earning a respectable income.

8. Home Link Missing children search:

Navajeevan Visakhapatnam is part of the National Network of “Missing-Child-Search”. Information regarding a lost child entered into the Home Link-search-in the computer net work programme, goes to all the YaR Centres spread out in various parts of the country. Through this service Navajeevan was able to trace a number of missing children and hand them over to their families.

9. Net working with other NGOs:

Navajeevan does not want to put up a solitary fight to ensure safety and security of the Young-At-Risk. It joins hands with other likeminded organizations at local, State and National level through regular meetings, communications and joint activities to make the towns and villages child friendly.

10. Support to orphan children:

Since orphan children, especially from poor sections of the Society are at high risk, Navajeevan never closes its doors to such children. They are given a family atmosphere and provided with all the facilities a family should provide. In this option special preference is given to children from tribal areas as they are exposed great dangers like epidemics, starvation, abuse, and illiteracy. Navajeevan has left no stone unturned in its effort to build a secure future for the Young at Risk. Though we have faced many problems on the way we don’t lose heart. We are extremely grateful to all the organizations and individuals who have stood by us in smooth and rough weathers with social, spiritual and financial support. They are much remembered, prayed for and loved as an inseparable part of the Navajeevan Family.

Don Bosco Navajeevan Bala Bhavan
D.No. 33-1-35, South Jail Road
Visakhapatnam – –530 004
Andhra Pradesh
Office (0891) 2729259 ; House (0891) 2505344 ; Thottiyil Thomas (0) 9440028106;
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  • In support of the foreign volunteers came to work with Navajeevan centers from different countries—by Jugend Eine Welt, Austria
  • In support of the Vishakapatnam Navajeevan — Misereor
  • Construction of the building in Sabbavaram — by Don Bosco Jugend Dritte Welt, Germany