20 April 2020



A Brief History

The story of Don Bosco Navajeevan Bala Bhavan, Secunderabad, began very early in 1996, to start new ventures for the welfare of street children in the cities Hyderabad and Vishakapatnam. This good aspiration of Don Bosco was further strengthened by the excellent work being done for street children in Vijayawada by Don Bosco.

Navajeevan and Rehabilitation Center

In April 1998 began Don Bosco Navajeevan Bala Bhavan, a “Project for children and youth at risk”.
It was a very uphill task to find suitable premises to establish Don Bosco Navajeevan, Secunderabad. After months of search we found a three floor building near to the Secunderabad railway station and made the final agreement to purchase the same in the month of March 2000. The reconstruction of the building is completed and the building was inaugurated on 24th April 2001 by Sri. Devender Goud, Honourable Home Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh. This would be our contact centre and round the clock shelter for street and working children. In the year 2001 May,the Navajeevan has developed into five active centers. In the year 2002 Rehabilitation center at Ramanthapur (Formal and Non-Formal Education) started. Today the Don Bosco work for the “Young At Risk” has spread to six centers in the city.

Printing Press

There is a printing press at Ramanthapur where the students trained are taken as employees depending on the availability.

Student Scholarships

The Navajeevan Ramanthapur also supports the bright children in its different wings by providing a scholarship to continue their studies.


“The community of Don Bosco Navajeevan, Hyderabad is an institution which fosters to empower the marginalized and street children to stand up for their rights through non-formal and formal education, guidance and through capacity building.”


  • To carve out a dignified future for the children themselves.
  • To equip the marginalized child to provide him/her with necessary resources so that they may be able to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. This is achieved through street presences, counseling, reorientation, remotivation, rehabilitation, job placement, Shelter, mass mobilization, net working etc…


Navajeevan’s Objective is to reach out to every child on the street with love and trust while creating an environment / habitat where the child is empowered to stand up for his rights and to face life in a positive manner.

This means:

  • Acceptance of the child unconditionally for what he / she is.
  • Collaboration with the child in his / her own initiatives to overcome deprivations.
  • Educate the child to stand for his rights.
  • Train the children in skill trades to earn their livelihood.
  • Counseling the child to make positive and correct choice.
  • Motivating the child to go back home if there is a “Home” for him to go to.
  • Making every effort to rehabilitate the child.
  • Promoting networking with people of all walks of life and creating social supports that contributes towards the dignity of the child. The adult will then be able to interact with the child in such a manner that both grow in the process of this interaction.

Chronological list of foundations and the activities:

1999 – Shelter at Regimental Bazaar (Round the Clock Shelter) (Shifted to Bhoiguda)

2001 – Shelter at Bhoiguda (Round the Clock Shelter)

2002 – Rehabilitation centre at Ramanthapur (Formal & Non-Formal Education)

2003 – Navajeevan homes at Ramanthapur (Residence for the Boys)

2003 – Navajeevan Salesian Residence at Ramanthapur.

2004 – Career Guidance and Job Placement Centre at New Bhoiguda.

2004 – Community hall at Ramanthapur (Consists of Infirmary, Multi-purpose Hall, Re-orientation, Music and Dance Room and Children’s Library).

2004 – Shelter at Nampally (Round the Clock Shelter)

2004 – Navajeevan Printing Press (Training cum Production), Ramanthapur

2005 – Shelter at Kachiguda (Round the Clock Shelter)

Non formal Training offered for the welfare of the Street Children at Ramanthapur:

  1. Electrical
  2. Plumbing
  3. Carpentry
  4. Tailoring
  5. Printing and Book Binding
  6. Bakery
  7. Motor Mechanics and Driving
  8. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Don Bosco NavaJeevan Rehabilitation Center
H.No. 3-18-125/7, Pragati Nagar
Hyderabad – – 500 013
Andhra Pradesh
House (040) 27033112 ; Workshop (040) 27036610 ; Press (040) 27035302 ; DBPSS (040) 27030053;

BELLAMKONDA Anthony Sudhakar

PEYYALA Ignatius
VETACULA Gnanapragasam
THUMMA Pradeep Kumar


  1. Running costs for street children centers Secundrabad — Supported by JDW, Bonn, Germany and Don Bosco Mondo Jugend Hlife Weltweit Eingetraener Verein, Bonn, Germany and Don Bosco Mission Germany
  2. Awareness among street children, Secundrabad — Supported by JDW, BOnn- Germany and Don Bosco Mission, Germany
  3. Maintenance of Street Presence and Shleter — Supported by Don Bosco Mission , Germany
  1. Reuniting children with their parents — Supported by Don Bosco Mission, Germany
  2. In support of the foreign volunteers — Supported by Jugend Eine Welt, Austria