Tips from Hospitality Professional

30 June 2015

Trainees of the Hospitality course had a guest lecture from the sector. Mr.Tejeswara Rao, Manager of Hotel Grand in Suryapet was invited to interact with the students and share some practical experiences.

On 22 June, 2015, Mr.Tejeswara Rao visited the DB Tech Centre, Nalgonda and had a formal interaction with the Centre Head, Fr. Balashowry.  Having understood the objective behind the courses conducted by DB Tech for the unemployed youth from marginalised sections, he proceeded to take a session for the students.

Mr.Rao explained in a very simple manner the basic pre-requisites for a successful career in the hospitality sector – Personal grooming, a pleasing demeanour, perfect time-sense and clear communication. The students had an opportunity to showcase their skills in presentation and got advise on how to improve the same.  Mr.Rao also demonstrated how to welcome guests, setting the table and serving a family at table, taking orders and closing in a manner in which the guests feel encouraged to return to the hotel.