Tuition Centre’s Parent’s meet at Ongole

07 March 2015

Parents Meet

Don Bosco Navajeevan Tuition Centers organized a Parents’ Meet on 17th of February, 2015 in Don Bosco, Ongole.

The Parents of our tuition children from ten slums of Ongole, namely, 1.  Balaram Colony ;  2. Papa Colony ; 3. Kesvarajkunta ; 4. Indira Colony ; 5. Joshuva Colony ;     6. Balaji ST Colony ; 7. Dattraya ST Colony ; 8.  ST Yanadi Colony ; 9. Vijayanagara Vadera Colony ; 10. Pragathi Colony  gathered in Don Bosco at 10am.

The parents were given an orientation to the mission of Don Bosco Ongole that is service in the field of slum education, eradication of the dropouts and the child laborers in the town.

Teachers from each of the slums came forward and presented a clear picture of the tuition center. The strengths and weakness of each center was discussed together with the parents and future plan of action was drawn up in the meeting.

There were still quite a few parents that were not sending their children to tuitions regularly.  They were exhorted not to send the children to work as casual labour.

The meet ended with a lunch shared by all and the parents promising to pay more attention to the education of their children by sending their children to tuition and school and also to meet with the teachers regularly to understand their ward’s progress.