ACTION/2015 Postcard Campaign

12 May 2015

Action/2015 is a global mass mobilization campaign to pressurize the national governments to represent development needs from marginalized communities and civil society at the UN General Assembly to be held in September, and at the UN conferences to be held on Financing for Development in July and on Climate Change in December this year. It is a global movement to address Insecurity, Inequality and Injustice in the Post 2015 Development Agenda. In India, Wada Na Todo Abhiyan has been leading the process of developing consensus from civil society and communities around their aspirations from the new development agenda. The aim for the campaign in 2015 is to send a powerful message to political leaders that citizens are watching them and expect transformative change.

Action/2015 India campaign along with its networks and partners is implementing a national campaign to reach out to the Prime Minister’s office. The plan is to collect minimum 25,000 signed postcards from each state, representing our grassroot constituencies, and post them to PM’s office.

PARA is an active partner and is ensuring that the campaign is a success.  Close to 7500 Students of the Tuition Centres and Children’s Parliament and children from the DBNJ shelters and all development areas of BSK are participating in this campaign.