Dhisha Team conducts Children’s Meet

11 May 2015

A Children’s Meet was organised on 04-05 May at Vianney Home Chalice, Nellore  by The Sisters of Holy Faith. Sr. Kalpana and Sr. Metilda, organisers of the event invited BSK’s DHISHA team as resource persons to conduct sessions.

Mr. Mohan – Project Coordinator, Mr. Solomon – Career Guidance Coordinator and Mr. Anvesh the Resource person took up the sessions for all the students for both the days.  The target audience comprised of boys and girls aged 5 to 18.

The team started off by preparing a detailed framework on how to cover maximum topics for such a diverse segment of close to 180 children.  The students were divided into 2 major groups : Group 1- (1st Class to 5th Class) and Group 2 – (6th Class to Intermediate).

Mr. Anvesh and Mr. Solomon took up sessions for all the children in Group 1 and Mr. Mohan for Group 2.

Using different techniques, like action songs for the young and ice-breaking activities for the older children, the program kicked off to a great start.  There were plenty of games and group-based activities for the rest of the day.  Day 1 concluded with a documentary movie followed by a review discussion.

Day 2 was action-packed, challenging the children in both groups to bring out their best. Group 2 was divided into 7 different groups and each was given an activity to be completed in 30 mins. Essay Writing competition for the higher standard with the given topic Swach Bharat. Elocution competition on the topic for the students on the topic “If I was the CM what would I do for my State?” 


Group 1 had painting, singing and dance competitions. 

Vianney Home invited a government child protection officer for the valedictory program. The students presented a shawl to the Dhisha team as a thanksgiving. All the participants were very happy with the Children’s Meet.