Drinking Water

20 April 2020

Providing Fluoride- free drinking water to 20 villages in Nalgonda and Mehaboobnagar districts in Andhra Pradesh


Who are the Beneficiaries :

People of 20 villages in Nalgonda and Mehaboobnagar  District in Andhra Pradesh.

Brief description of the project :

Serious problems are faced in several parts of Nalgonda  and Mehaboobnagar districts in Andhra Pradesh due to the presence of high concentration of fluoride in drinking water (ground water).  This causes dental and skeletal flourosis to humans. Nalgonda is the worst fluoride affected district In Andhra Pradesh.

The project objectives :

  • Provide fluoride free drinking water to target groups
  • Using cost effective methods for  de-flouridation
  • Make the treated ware available at a very low cost to the target group
  • To eradicate fouride related health issues from the target villages
  • Sustainability from the sale of water

Contact Person : Fr. Thomas Santiagu

Duration of the Project : One Year