Success Story of A.Koteswari fromDharani Mac Society Chebrolu Mandal

20 April 2020

From among many success stories of the Bosco MAC Societies here is one which is very interesting and encouraging.  I am Aramanda Koteswari, resident of Godavarru village, Chebrolu mandal. My husband is agricultural laborer. I have three children, two boys and one girl. Elder son and daughter got married and younger son is living with us.  My younger son is not educated; he also works as an agricultural laborer.  At this stage we are suffering with indebtedness due to my children’s marriage expenditure and our income is meager to meet the household expenses. I am confused with my economical problems and I don’t know what to do.

One day few people came to my village and explained about the Dharani MACS women development activities promoted by Don Bosco. After listening to them we formed a group consisting of 10 members on 5th October 2008 and named our group as “Kranthi”.  We started savings Rs: 50 per month per member. MACS representatives observed my regular savings for six months and provided Rs: 5000 as a loan to me on 22nd July 2009 and I bought a calf with that amount. I repaid this loan through my daily wages.

Again I took Rs: 8000 on 6th July 2010 for grass and other necessities, since my calf is growing. I repaid my second loan through my wages.  Again I took Rs.10000 of loan on 9th July 2011 and Rs.15000 of loan on 11th July 2012 for buffalo’s.  Now I have two mammals giving 10 liters of milk per day. From July 2011 I increased my savings Rs: 100 per month and I have savings balance in Bosco Dharani MACS Rs: 6200. I have some financial security if I have any financial need; I have my own savings with my Cooperative society Bosco Dharani. I sincerely thank all the persons responsible for my growth. The initiation and support from Bosco Dharani Society for women development is appreciable and very encouraging. All the Bosco Dharani Macs activities particularly credit support and trainings are very helpful and useful.