20 April 2020

Objective Educate the dairy farmers in dairy best practices by professionals

Short Description:

BSK conducted one day training program on best dairy practices for the dairy farmers and dairy members of our MACS located at different places, promoted and supported by Bosco Seva Kendra. Resource person’s Mr.Gopi/Mr.Kesav from District Rural Development Agency having more than 10 years experience in Dairy activity has taken the session.  And they are looking after the Dairy Program under MACS promoted by Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Starting with types of animals suitable to our Andhra Pradesh climate, the facilitator explained so many things. Murra, Nagavuri, Grated Murra are suitable for our weather conditions. Next he asked the participants, if anyone wants to start dairy activity?. If yes then what are the pre conditions they require like Capital, Place, Grass, Identifying the healthy cattle, Minerals, Reproduction, Milk marketing access, Veterinary facilities and more. If above mentioned resources are available in our villages/areas they dairy activity is best for whom have practice in dairy activity.

He also discussed about the types of grass available like dry grass, green grass, wheat grass, and which is to be given when and in what quantity. Water facility is a must as each cattle consumes 30 liters of water per day minimum and the farmer always has to keep the grass in advance since cattle eat more and store in the stomach and recall that feed and do the chewing.

He also explained about identifying the cattle under gestation period, and the precautions to be take at that time and the  feed we need to give for cattle.

He explained bout the post gestation period precautions also with the consultation of veterinary doctor/assistant.

He explained about the fat testing methods and rate calculations. After the theory class, participants went to nearby dairy unit for exposure and practical learning which is running well with best practices.