Training cum Production unit in Warangal

20 April 2020

Trainees to Tailors

This year 2nd batch Advanced Skills Trainings for girls above 15 years was successfully completed. About 246 are trained under tailoring since the inception of trade on 15th Aug 2012.

The trainees hail from various slum communities. These skills trainings are an integral part of BSK’s strategy to prevent child and early marriages. Courses like tailoring, beauty salon and Computers were chosen for providing sustainable livelihood options. A study in nearby slums revealed that 10 out of 7 girls stop studying after 10th class and 70% of them are making beedies /working in Tobacco farms.

Vocational training alone has evolved into the next logical step of economic empowerment. A production center has been set up as part of tailoring unit, aimed at self sustainability. Functional since April 2014, each of the women are able to earn a minimum of Rs.45/- to Rs.50/-.

The overall attendance of the trainees has increased due to production center earnings.