Annual DBNJ – Hyderabad past pupils re-union

20 April 2020

On 31st August 2014 around 45 past pupils of Don BoscoNavajeevan gathered at Don Bosco Rehabilitation premises for a day long get together and sharing. The occasion was made colourful with the presence of four Comedy Actors (Sai Baba, Bantu, Praveen Kumar and Ramesh) from Telugu feature film ‘Gabbarsingh’, Rev. Fr. Noel Maddhichetty SDB, SPCSA,Secretary and Mr. Ramesh Bojja, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Past pupils president. The theme of the
The day’s programme began at 9.30 am with the registrations of the participants as they reached to DBRC, Ramanthapur. As planned the event commenced at 10.00am. Fr. BellamkondaSudhakar SDB, Director of Don BoscoNavajeevan homes in Twin Cities welcomed the participants and guests of honor for the day. In his words of welcome FrSudhakar said ‘past pupils are the face of the Don Bosco’s values in the society’. They carry the values of Don Bosco as they moved around and he called everyone to keep up the Don Bosco’s ideals wherever they live. Whole morning was dedicated to Comedy team of Gabbarsingh movie who entertained through their jokes, dialogues, dance and funny comments etc., The best part of the programme was of sharing their own life stories which were very inspiring for our children. It was surprising to know that noneof them passed class X and the types of works they took up for their survival before they were introduced into movies. Each of them emphasized that, to make use of the opportunities provided at DBNJ and be agents of Don BoscoNavajeevan to the others in the society who can support this noble caused. Before leaving for lunch FrSudhakar gave outline of the afternoon session especially about planning of different events in the coming year.

After Lunch we gathered at 2.00pm and FrSudhakar once again introduced Fr. Noel to the gathering saying that he was founding director of DBNJ homes in Twin cities and initiated services for street involved children and young at Risk. He animated them by sharing experience as the national delegate for the Salesian Family. He asked them to keep in mind three things as they live in the society, namely, 1, God fearing and honest citizens 2, Give identity to Don Bosco in your profession and places of work and 3. To have social solidarity. He said that there are about 30 groups as part of Salesian Family and about 11 groups are working in India. He said that make IMPOSSIBLE into I’ M POSSIBLE.

After the animation we had a business session where we re-organized office bearers, Mr. G. Vishnu as president, Mr. Micheal D’Souza –Vice President, Secretary – Krishanmurthy, Treasurer – John Paul and Mr. Feroz– Member and for the first time we have started collecting the registration fee of Rs 10 person per year. Mrs. RachalChatarjee who is a friend of Navajeevan and councilor also made surprise visit and contributed Rs 1,000 for the past pupils fund. There were very enthusiastic in planning for the coming years especially as we celebrate bicentenary celebrations of the birth of Don Bosco and Crystal Anniversary of Don BoscoNavajeevan, Hyderabad. They have come up lots of suggestions and left to organizing team to decide and communicate through Facebook. Office bearers also will meet at least 4 times in years. Fr. Sudhakar in his concluding message said that let us inculcate in us, to speak good of others and not engage in gossip and that will be the best tribute that we can give to Don Bosco during this year of Bicentenary. The Re-union gathering camean end with sharing of snacks and friendly football match which ended in a draw.