Tuition Centres draw attention of locals

20 April 2020

The tuition centre and Children’s Parliament in Budvel village is eliciting a lot of positive response from the local community.   While children, parents and teachers are happy with the scholastic progress, community members are highly impressed with the children’s overall performance, especially their involvement and initiative in the development of the community.

To make the process more participative, prominent community elders were invited to attend the Children’s Parliament Session.

One such invitee had this to say – “I am extremely happy to see the children speaking up for their rights and taking interest in their future. We did not have such an opportunity when we were growing up. Our parents could not support us with our studies. This tuition centre is giving the children that much needed encouragement and support.   I wish this initiative spreads to all the neighboring communities and our entire village. Then we will be assured of reaching great heights!” He donated nylon mats for the children to squat on while studying.