PARA — Peoples Action For Rural Awakening

20 April 2020



Brief History

People’s Action For Rural Awakening (PARA), the Social Action Initiative of Don Bosco Mission, came into existence as a response to the devastation caused by the 1986 Godavari floods when the immediacy of relief work was over it PARA decided to enlarge its focus and to a great extent has been directing its resources both human and material towards protection and promotion of human rights. In particular it devoted itself to the protection and promotion of the rights of Dalits, Children and Women.
The past years 28 years of work initiated by PARA had brought considerable changes in the living standards of the people of the service domain. The number of cases that PARA is called upon to respond to is a sign of its emerging relevance in the field of human rights protection and promotion.


1. Human Rights

Of particular importance is the work done by PARA in the area of Human Rights Education since 2004. As part of the UN World Programme of Human Rights Education PARA has been spearheading Human Rights Education in the schools of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Over a period of 3 years, PARA has not only undertaken HRE in 165 schools spread over 10 districts, in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana but also helped to mainstream HRE in government schools. As a result of the continuous advocacy work by PARA 267,000 government teachers have been given a 2 day training programme to orient and equip themselves to take up HRE in their schools. They have been mandated to initiate the process of setting up of Human rights clubs in the schools they are teaching.
It is this line of thinking that gave rise to present project:

“Support and Protection of Child Rights in Andhra Pradesh/India through Institutionalized Structures in Schools, and Institutional Care for Abused Girls and Young Women, as well as for Street Children.”

2.Gender Desk

Helping with the women empowerment and contributing to bring a society with gender equality.

3. Land Desk

Getting land for the landless is the main motto of this project. Approaching the government and getting the land, collecting it from the donors are the activities under this section.

4. DonBosco Navajeevan

Being a shelter for many children like the school drop outs, the orphans, the abandoned kids by parents, the runaway children from home The Don Bosco Navajeevan has many stories in it.

5. DB Tech

Training the school drop out children, the children in the Ekalavya home and other students from out side in technical courses for 3 to 4 months and placing them in jobs and helping them in gaining their livelihood and in earning for their family and themselves.

6. Scholarships

PARA supports the children and their education by providing the scholarships to the students at different levels of education and help them to complete their education and achieve their goal.

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GUNTAKA Marianna
PALE Justin
  1. Support and Protection of Child Rights in Andhra Pradesh/Telangana/
    India through Institutionalized Structures in Schools –
    Project supported by Don Bosco Mondo – Bonn
  2. Institutional Care for Abused Girls and Young Women,as well as for Street Children,
    Project supported by Don Bosco Mondo – Bonn
  1. Construction of Bridge School for Dalits in PARA supported by DonBosco Jugend Dritte Welt, Germany
  2. Construction of Ekalavya Home for the Children supported by DonBosco Jugend Dritte Welt, Germany
  3. Supporting the education of the School children in PARA, by DonBosco Jugend Dritte Welt, Germany
  4. Micro Initiatives supported by DonBosco Jugend Dritte Welt, Germany