86 Students of R R Dist. all set to protect Human Rights

20 April 2020

On 19th & 20th November, 2014, Human Rights Club Office bearers were given orientation and training on the concept, roles & responsibilities of the club.

The two-day residential training program was held at BIRDY under the aegis of PARA with Mr.Ambedkar of BSK Co-ordinating the  event. 86 high-school students – including 49 girls and 37 boys – from government schools in different parts of the district participated.

The resource team from PARA led the training with support from Ms. Jayalakshmi and Mr. Umesh Rao teachers from Shamshabad Girls and Boys’ High School respectively.  “All can win and there are no losers” when human rights are practiced was demonstrated through game by Fr. Thomas Santiagu, director BSK.

The training was participatory with students encouraged to express their opinion in the brain storming sessions and group discussions. To teach the students that Human Rights are interwoven into our daily lives the participants did a “news paper exercise and learned to recognize “Human Right violations and Rights implementations” in the daily news. Every participant contributed during the group discussion on interpretation of the news items in a newspaper into “Rights gained or rights lost” They learned to conduct the club meeting in groups. Energizers and action songs made the training a memorable event.