Summer Camps

21 April 2020


Spoken English and Basic Computer Trainings to 1920 rural children from 16 Don Bosco Mission Centres.

Who are the Beneficiaries :

Around 2000 children from our Don Bosco Institutions in the rural areas to be given training during summer vacation.

Brief description of the project:

Many children closely related to our mission centers , attend government schools and other schools due to geographical proximity. It has been learnt that these children from the rural communities especially from the poor families often find themselves lacking behind in academic activities in the schools. Though the medium of education is in Telugu, English happens to be one of important subject right from the primary grades and lack of ability to cope up with this language makes so many children to drop out and also to get failed in their grade exams in future. In order to make sure that no student get failed grade on account of lack of his/her knowledge in English, the Don Bosco Provincial House has envisaged to select 200 students every summer so that failures and drop outs on account of English language could be reduced over the period of time. The Project also aims at providing them with basic knowledge in Computer so that the rural children may not remain ‘computer illiterate in the course of time’.

Contact Person : Fr. Thomas Santiagu

Duration of the Project : Continuous