Women’s Day Celebrations @ BIRD Office — Guntur

21 April 2020


We conducted women’s day program at IRD premises was celebrated very grandly with 400 women from Guntur rural, urban and Tadikonda Mandal all being the members of Mutually Aided Co-operative Societies(MAC’s) which get support from Bosco Seva Kendra-Hyderabad. Our chief Guests are Smt.Kuchupudi.Vijayamma (Ex Z.P Chairman), Sri.Kuchupudi. Sambasivarao(Ex Chairman for State Libraries), and Rev.Fr.Louisbabu from Don Bosco Institutions. Fr.Baly, Director BIRD-Guntur invited all guests, participants and staff for women’s day program. Fr.Ch.Louis babu, Rector Don Bosco-Guntur given a message about importance of women in family system, and explained about the girl education. In a family if a male is educated only he becomes educated but if in a family a women is educated then entire family will empowered in terms of education. He quoted some bible sentences about mother and her service in family system. He said if women are empowered, family will be empowered, and if family is empowered entire village/society will empowered and in this way we can maintain moral values in our lives and society. And we can see better India, which becomes one of the prosperous country in the world. Mr.Chandra Sekhar the coordinator for credit program explained about the Bosco Seva Kendra Services and its outreach to people. Around 16000 people got benefited through this program. and explained the different kind of training programs provided in different trades like animal husbandry, Macs Management etc. Chief Guest Mrs.Kuchupudi.Vijayamma gave a message to women about history and how this Women’s day program was started by “UNO om March-8” and the problems they faced like low wages, no reservation in jobs/politics etc. She explained about the recent meeting held at Delhi on 23rd Dec.2013 on “Nirbaya Act” and this Act was passed in Parliament sessions and Central Government allocated Rs: 1000 crores for creation of awareness on Nirbaya Act and moral values. If in case any one misbehaves, how the government will punish them under Nirbaya Act. She wished all the women for their great success. Guntur urban MACS staff Ms.Vijaya delivered vote of thanks to all Guests, Staff and Participants.