21 April 2020



A Brief History

Don Bosco Orphanage started in 1973, evolved to be a home for the orphans and the orthopedically disabled children from 1975. The orphanage was shifted to Mangalagiri on 1st August 1976, under the name of Don Bosco Premnivas and an elementary school was inaugurated in the same campus. It was upgraded into an upper primary school in the subsequent year 1979. A workshop for manufacturing and maintaining mobility (orthopedic) equipments under the name “Don Bosco Orthotic and Prosthetic Centre” was opened on 9th January 1982.


1. Physio therapy center

A fully equipped Physiotherapy Centre with a qualified therapist started functioning on 14th November 1987. Free surgery for the orthopedically disabled and half way home for the post surgery period opened on the same day.The physiotherapy centre was upgraded with better equipments and qualified physiotherapists.

2. Telugu and English Medium Schools

As the boys were increasing the Salesians felt the need of associating “Religious sisters” in their work. Sisters of St. Ann of Luzern joined us on 15th August 1984. On 12th September 1984, the “Meyer Home” was started and was taking care of the boarding of boys of classes 1 to 5.A small colony of 4 houses built on a site near Konalagunda railway station in view of settling some of our orphan past pupils was also inaugurated in November 1987. The upper primary school was upgraded to high school in June 1989. Since there was a growing demand for English medium education, the province has decided to begin the English medium Section in 2012 in the same school campus. The English medium school admitted students for the academic year 2013-14.

Admission policy:

Admission to the hostel is done by a joint committee, consisting of the members of the Premnivas house council and the members of the Meyer home community. The priority accorded is as follows:

  1. The orthopedically disabled orphan and semi-orphan children
  2. The orthopedically disabled children from very poor families
  3. Total orphan children (who have lost both parents)


“To live together and care for the well being of the ‘differently abled’, poor and orphan children.”


The basic mission of the house is to look after the disabled children, educate and provide them the basic needs, and gives them an identity in society and also to give education for all the poor and needy children of this locality. To train the disabled for employment especially in the preparation of Orthopedic and prosthetic equipment sector and other income generating programmes.

Other Activities include:

The main scope of Don Bosco Premnivas is the integrated rehabilitation of orthopedically disabled and socially excluded children. It consists of:

  1. Medical rehabilitation of the disabled through restorative surgery, supply of mobility aids and physiotherapy.
  2. Educational rehabilitation of the disabled and poor through academic qualifications. The co-education school admits the poor boys and girls from the nearby villages. Residential care is provided for 100 students, the disabled and the total orphans in the proportion of 2:1
  3. Psychological rehabilitation of the disabled and orphans through personal counseling and individual follow up and parent counseling process.
  4. Social rehabilitation of the disabled and orphans. The rehabilitation calls for long term programmes including employment, marriage and housing.
Don Bosco Premnivas
Mangalagiri – 522 503,
Guntur District
Andhra Pradesh
Rector – (08645) 232237 ; Administrator – (08645) 233515 ; School – (0) 9550634066 , (0) 7386411215 ; ;


GOPU Peter Reddy
DIAS Charles
JINUGU Vidyasagar


  • Skill Training for the Rural Youth — Supported by DMOS- Comide, Belgium