21 April 2020



Brief History

In 1975 the “Karl Vocational Training Centre” for training the poor boys of the diocese in trades like carpentry, welding and printing. Later a driving school was added. Kurnool district is one of the five districts in India with the maximum number of child laborers.


1. Vocational training Center and DB Tech along with boarding for Boys

The institute was renamed as “Don Bosco Technical School” by 1966 and they had new buildings constructed and new machinery for the printing, welding, carpentry, tailoring, masonry and electrical sections. The number of boys increased to 85. In 1998 secretarial practice, vehicle service station, were added. The trainings are non- formal and preference is given to school dropout children. They are encouraged to appear for the VII or X class examinations. Three of the trades, namely carpentry, tailoring and secretarial course have been recognized by the National Open School New Delhi. Every effort is being made to get some more courses recognized so that the certificates issued may be beneficial to the boys.

2. Navajeevan

A shelter for street children is an integral part of the activity of Don Bosco Kurnool where the street children in the Kurnool town are provided shelter and food. They are given the option to get admitted in the technical school, learn a trade and become responsible citizens.

3. Shikari– The Bridge School

Another innovative programme of the Don Bosco Kurnool is the development of the Shikari village. Don Bosco has adopted a tribal village (nomadic tribe) called Shikari situated close to the institute. The work pertains to the children who travel along with the nomadic parents. They do not attend school. They find it difficult to get integrated to the local school. An Anganwadi and a school have been started in the village to educate the children and integrate them with the rest of society. A housing programme for the families has been initiated with the aim of weaning them away from the nomadic life.


“We envisage Don Bosco Technical School Kurnool that will rehabilitate school drop outs, child labourers and young at risk in the diocese of Kurnool through non-formal technical education and develop in them human and religious values in order to empower them to become agents of social transformation.”


  • Provide non-formal technical education to the target group.
  • Offer social, cultural, human and religious value-based education to the target group.
  • Impart non-formal primary education to the target group.
  • Offer job-placement opportunities to the trained beneficiaries.


The scope of the institution is to impart integral formation to the boys of marginalized sections through:

  • Vocational training
  • Helping school dropouts to complete secondary education
  • Integral formation of the young entrusted to us.
Don Bosco Technical School
Lourdu Nagar, G.Pulla Reddy Engineering College P.O,
Kurnool – 518 002 District
Andhra Pradesh
Rector – (08518) 270775 ; Principal – (08518) 270859 ; Administrator – (08518) 272808 ; DBNJ – (08518) 258620