24 March 2015

Every child is talented in some or many ways and is eager to give expression to them in an ambience in which he/she will be encouraged and supported. Some of the talents have more opportunity to find outlet in the academic set up, but not all of them. If a child is good in mathematics, he has ample opportunity to get recognition for it, but if he has a talent in music or arts, he may not get enough chances to develop or find appreciation in the rat race of marks and grades. It is very important to set up training of children in schools in such a way that they get ample opportunity to develop themselves in a holistic manner, not limited to grading of their academic prowess alone, and feel they are good enough in something or other, without being termed as dull or not good enough, not considering them as a unique person.

With this intention in mind Navajeevan organized a very special day in Beach Blossom School, a Bridge School for school dropouts. All the students together with trainees from Bosco Tech, the Skill Training Centres and some of the mainstreamed students, gathered in Beach Blossom, on March 14, 2015 for a Science Exhibition and a Talent search in Music and Singing.

In the Exhibition the students proudly presented different objects, they made in scientific and aesthetic fields under the direction of Fr. Ratnanand the guidance of volunteers and teachers, especially of Mr. Raja Rao, a very gifted teacher  in many fields. The glow that prevailed on the faces of the little ones, so far considered not fit enough to study and a burden to the society, as they explained their items to the visitors, cannot be described in words. Every child is a creation of unmatched beauty and they will glitter best if the right proportion of love and attention are given at the most appropriate time. Hope it will only be the beginning of a number of such smiles in their lives.

The students of Tailoring Centre presented a number of creative styles, under the leadership of Ms. Hemalatha, a quality trainer who believes in making her students perform as good as she or even better! Young and unemployed ladies who used to spend much of their time watching serials and models on TV screen and feeling bad about themselves, now feel that they are creative and discover their models

within themselves!

In the singing competition students from Bosco Tech and Skill Training Centers stepped forward  without any inhibition or fear, as they sang their favorite melodies, knowing that they are in the midst of friends, who would support them even if they did not reach the levels of  Madonna or  Michael Jackson, and not to exclude Indian legendsYesudas or LathaMangeshkar!  All  those who participated were applauded as that is the best gift  they would carry home, the sound of which will  reverberate in their hearts for a long time to come.

Fr. Thomas Thottiyil, speaking on the occasion appreciated the creativity and hard work of the Staff, volunteers  and children and encouraged them to become the best that they are capable of  without comparing themselves with others and wished them lot of happiness even when they do not have lot of money!

The day concluded on a very happy note, with singing and dancing even when the notes did not perfectly match and the right leg did not know what the left was doing!