International Women’s Day @ BIRD, Guntur

10 March 2015

Women’s Day at Guntur was celebrated on a grand scale.  Around 350 women from three mandals, representing Nirmal MACS, Mother Theresa MACS and Kranthi MACS gathered for the program.

Chief Guest for the day was Dr.M Venugopal Reddy, MLA. Special Guest was Dr.V Jyothi, Women’s Social Convenor.  Fr.Baly, CEO, MACS and Fr.P Arul Das, Asst.Director, BSK was the Guest of Honor.

Mr.Chandrasekhar, Co-ordinator MACS introduced the women and the work that BSK is doing through MACS for the empowerment of the rural women in poverty.

Speaking on the occasion, all the distinguished guests gave encouraging messages to the women.  Dr.Reddy said, he would not be a typical politician in giving a speech before the gathering.  He invited members from the audience to come up on the dais and express their opinion on areas where development is needed.  A few women went up and spoke their mind.

He later asked how many would be interested in prohibition of liquor in their area.  At once all hands went up.  He promised to take up the issue and present it before the government, saying a women can achieve great heights if only they try.  He urged the women to use the wonderful opportunity BSK presented by way of MACS to the fullest possible and develop their respective businesses, units, farms to reap more and more profits from it.