Kumari Helps her Family Business Grow

26 February 2013

Kodamanchili Kumari belongs to P Gannavaram, and joined Ramakrishna SHG of the Swayamkrushi MACS, on 12 October, 2011.  In a span of four years, she has been instrumental in taking her family business of making bricks from a struggling enterprise to a flourishing one, even providing employment to others.

“I am a member of Bosco Swayamkrushi MACS.  I have two children and wish to give them good education. My husband and I make mud bricks and sell them.  We used to make a profit of Rs.300 per day.

“When we got a loan of Rs.10,000/- from MACS, we invested it in our business and now we are earning a profit of Rs.500/- per day.  We are regularly paying our instalments and also saving some amount.  Now we have also employed two persons to work at our brick-making unit and business is doing well. We are thankful to Swayamkrushi MACS for giving us this opportunity to improve our life.”