From Field Labour to Merchant on Wheels

15 February 2015

N Sulochana is a resident of Nidubrolu Town near Vijayawada, Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh.  She and her husband would work as farm labourers and manage their household of five members. Both of them have a keen interest to educate their 3 daughters.

Sulochana first heard about thrift and credit in January, 2011 when members from Bosco Janani MACS conducted a meeting in the neighboring colony. She felt excited about the prospect of getting loans and being supported to set up business enterprise. After discussing with her husband, she joined nine other women to form ‘Sirisha SHG’ on 05 Feb 2011.

After six months of saving Rs.100/- per month, each of the Sirisha group members got a loan of Rs.5,000/-. Each of them had made plans on what to do with the money. Some had some prior liabilities to clear, some wanted the money to cover pending works and some others planned to invest in starting a small business.

Sulochana invested the amount to buy women’s fancy products like hair-bands, bangles, nail-enamel, bead chains, plastic toys for kids, etc. With these, she set up a small shop in front of her house itself. With the sales proceeds, she was able to promptly repay her loan.

In February, 2013, Sulochana got a second loan of Rs.10,000/-. With this money, she got a wooden push-cart specially made to carry her fancy wares. She started to sell the fancy items on different streets of Nidubrolu. Encouraged by the response, she expanded the range of products to include small steel articles too.

A third loan of Rs.15,000/- in July 2014 was invested in procuring material in bulk from the wholesale market in Vijayawada. Here she got products of latest fashion and better quality at low prices. Now her husband also joined her and the couple started pushing their cart around the towns of Nidubrolu and also neighboring Ponnuru.

Sulochana has been diligently remitting her loan instalments, monthly savings, and also paying her daughters’ school fees. She is happy and is hopeful of getting continued support from Bosco Janani MACS for her plan to open a small Ladies Emporium in Ponnuru.