Bosco Swalambana MACS enables entrepreneurship

20 November 2014

“My name is G Mani Kumari. My husband Kumar is a mechanic. I wanted to support him in any way to improve our household income and ensure better development of our two children.

“I joined Swarna SHG and started saving money. With all the loans I got from Bosco Swalambana MACS, we set up a Two-wheeler servicing centre – ‘Kristu Mahima Mechanic Water Servicing Center’. The business is doing well and I am able to pay back the loan with due interest.

“We are able to educate our two children in a good school.  However, there is scope to develop the business further as there is lot of demand due to the good quality service that we offer.

“I request Bosco Swalambana MACS to sanction us a bigger loan so that we can grow further.”