250 children provided temporary care and support at DBRC, Ramanthapur

20 April 2020

Hundreds of children were rescued from exploitative situations in the infamous bangle industry of Old City, Hyderabad in a massive search and rescue operation carried out by the Department of Labor and the City Police. About 250 of these children were referred to the Don Bosco Rehabilitation Centre at Ramanthapur on 24th of January 2015 without any prior notice.

The children, mainly from the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, were all in a daze when they entered the home en masse. DBRC inmates were at their best, empathizing with these boys and made them feel welcome and at home in no time. By the end of the day, the boys were much more comfortable and engaged in conversations and activities at the shelter.

Rescued Children at Ramanthapur

These disadvantaged children were the special guests for this year’s celebration of the feast of Don Bosco at the shelter. They were welcomed with a Band piece and Navajeevan theme dance by our children. In true spirit of Don Bosco, every child felt each one was loved more than the other. The ground in front of outdoor stage was packed with the presence of 300-odd children.

Honorable Minister interacting with    Director with honorable minister Thumma Nageswara Rao

Counseling, healthcare, hygiene and sanitation was taken care of. Many of the children had skin infections – a common health hazard of working long hours in the grueling bangle factories.

Children affected Chemicals

Though for a short time of about 15-20 days, every child left with a happy memory of their stay at the Don Bosco Home at Ramanthapur.  The children were taken for reintegration with their respective parents in different states by the police.  We wish them a safe and happy childhood and hope for the best.