Emerging Entrepreneurs in Amalapuram

23 September 2014

“My name is K.Satya Kumari. My husband Satyanaryana and I used to do field labor and odd jobs. We were able to just manage our household of four. Our aim in life is to educate our two children.

When I heard about the SHG forming in my neighborhood, I joined in with a monthly saving of Rs.100/-. After six months, when I got a loan of Rs.5000/-, I set up a tea stall. My stall did good business and I was able to pay back the loan with interest.

When I got the second loan of Rs.10,000/-, my husband decided to join the business and develop it further. We bought some more equipment and started to make dosaidli and snacks along with tea and coffee. We have started to make a profit of Rs.1000/- per day. We have been paying instalments against the loan regularly.   We are looking forward to grow our business even further with the support of Swayamkrushi MACS.”