SWAYAMKRUSHI MACS, Chandur – promoting self-reliance

24 August 2014

Goli Vijaya Rani belongs to Angadipeta Village in Chandur District. She joined a group of ten women to form a SHG called ‘Vennela’ on 22 Oct 2010. This is a story of her determination and self-reliance.

Vijaya and her husband Swaroop Raju are professional weavers. Their family knows no other trade or work and hence are solely dependent on their handloom. The would execute orders placed by a textile company for weaving saris. For every sari worth Rs.3000/- they were paid Rs.700/- and for those worth Rs.15,000/- they would get Rs.4,000/-.   Being dependent on the company meant that the household income was not consistent. They got work only when the company felt a demand for handloom saris. Subsistence during lean period was difficult.

Once Vijaya started small monthly savings through the SHG, she was eligible for a loan. With a loan of Rs.5,000/- she bought a sewing machine. But there were already many others in the tailoring trade and she hardly got any work, except during festivals. Soon she realized she should stick to the family trade and with the next loan of Rs.10,000/- she and her husband took their first step towards self-reliance. They bought raw material to weave saris on their own. They were able to sell saris and retained a margin of Rs.1400/- to 1800/-. Encouraged by this positive development, they took another loan of Rs.10,000 and bought material for weaving not only saris but also towels, dhotis and lungis. Their daily earnings are now Rs.600/- to Rs.1000/-.   After remitting the monthly instalment against loan taken, they are able to retain Rs.15,000 per month as household income.

Vijaya and Swaroop have set an example for others in the village that independence and self-reliance is the way to go for a happy living.