Sharing family responsibility by stitching clothes gives lot of satisfaction — Dhanalakshmi from Uppalaguptam

22 July 2014

My name is Seelam Dhanalakshmi and I am from Uppalaguptam Mandal. My husband’s name is Seelam Durga Rao. He works as a tractor driver and with the income he is earning through that he is looking after the family. I want to help and support by husband in looking after the family. I know stitching but to buy a sewing machine we don’t have enough money.One of my neighbors K. Jyothi explained me about the Bosco Swasakthi Group. She told me that the society is giving loans for the lowest rate of interest @rs.1/- which attracted me. Then I gathered all the neighboring ladies at my home and told them about the Bosco Swasakthi MAC. Seven of us together formed a group and named it as “Prabhudeva”. We started saving rs.100/- every month and after saving for 6 months we got the approval for our first loan of Rs.5000/-.

With the loan I bought a sewing machine with Rs.3000 and with the remaining Rs.2000 I bought the necessary stitching material like threads, needles and all other items. Knowing that I started stitching at home all my neighbors started giving clothes to me. People were impressed with the way I am stitching the clothes and they started bringing more clothes to me. This way I am able to help my husband and sharing the family responsibility.I am earning from Rs. 250 to Rs. 300 per day now. I am also teaching stitching classes for two girls at home. On a whole I am getting a pretty good income with which we are clearing all our loans and that I am also sharing the family burden with my husband.I thank Bosco Swasakthi MAC society for guiding us and supporting us in the right time.