Confidence can bring lot of change in family status — Satyavathi from Uppalaguptam

21 July 2014

My name is Nandampudi Satyavathi and I am from Uppalaguptam Mandal. My husband’s name is Sai babu and we have three daughters. We do the laundry work and are looking after the family. One daughter is studying B.A and the other is studying Intermediate.

One volunteer by name B. Mangadevi who is working with Bosco Swasakthi MAC society came to our village and explained us about the saving scheme in the society. After listening to the scheme I decided to join the society. With some of my friends we formed a group and named it “Jaya”. First by paying Rs.111/- we all joined the MAC society and from then we started saving Rs 100/- every month in the society. After saving for 6 months the society has approved us loans. The first loan is for Rs.5000/- with which I cleared all the family debts and repaid the loan in installments. With the second loan of Rs.10,000 we bought a Iron box . With the third loan we bought a cart to do our ironing business.We, wife and husband are working in the same business and are happy that we are earning a good amount on it.

With the income we are earning n the ironing business we are repaying all our loans slowly one by one and are leading a happy life. I thank the BSK and the MAC society for explain us and showing the path to settle down in life and in leading a happy life.