Weaving and Stitching can also make a living — Hymavathi from P.Gannavaram

19 July 2014

My name is Hymavathi and i am from P. Gannavaram. My husband’s name is Satyanarayana. I heard about the “Bosco Swayamkrushi MAC” society from my friends and it has already been 4 yrs that i have joined the MAC society.

My friend Meenakshi came to my place and explained about the society to me and then along with 8 other members we formed as a group and named it as “Satya”. As a group we joined the society. We started saving small amounts every month in the society. After a period of 6 months we got the first loan of Rs.5000 with which we started a business. I have repaid the first loan with interest and principle. I have got the second and third loans also. I repaid them also gradually along with interest amount. The Bosco society has given us loans at a very low rate of interest. I started a business of stitching and weaving clothes.I will get Rs.200 for every week and i am able to look after the basic needs of the family and also support my husband.

I thank the BSK and the MAC society for helping us and giving the guidance in making our living better and leading a happy life.