Story of K.Devi from Chowdepalli

15 July 2014

My name is K.Devi and I am from Chowdepalli Mandal, Chittor Dist. My husband’s name is Venkata ramana. I joined the MAC society in Muneeswari group 4 years back and continuing till date. I belong to SC caste. I have a savings of Rs. 4000 with the society. I am saving Rs.100 every month. I got the first loan of Rs. 5000 and with that I started a small shop. Every day I am earning Rs.100 apart from all my expenses. Every month I am repaying Rs.500 as a loan repayment. I want to repay this loan fast and take another loan of Rs. 10,000/- and want to extend my shop. I thank the BSK people and the MAC society for supporting us and for making our lives so happy and lively.