Supporting husband and sharing family responsibility gives immense happiness

14 July 2014

My name is P.Sailaja and I am from Pezzonipet Mandal. Ours is a poor family. My husband works in a private company. We have two children, a son and a daughter. Son is studying 7th standard and daughter is studying 5th standard. The salary my husband gets was not sufficient for our survival and we used to struggle a lot for our survival. My husband told me to work somewhere so that we can get into some better living. I also tried many jobs but the payment offered was very low. One day I went to my friend’s house and observed that they bought some dosa better from outside and preparing dosa. That created a thought in me. I was thinking about preparing the dosa batter and selling and shared the same thought with my husband. He said that it is a good idea but our financial status does not support us now.

One day some volunteers from Bosco Seva Kendra came to my neighbor’s house and were collecting money. I was wondering about what is happening and inquired about it. I came to know that if we save money with them for some time, they will support us with small loan amounts with which we can start a small business. Immediately I gathered all my friends and formed a group and named it as “Rosaline”. We started saving Rs.100 per month for about 6 to 7 months and then I got the first loan of Rs. 5000/-. With that I bought the raw material for preparing Dosa Batter and started to sell it. I was spreading the news of batter availability through my friends and it was a word of mouth. But I don’t have a grinder of my own to grind the batter. I was using my friend’s grinder till then. But I thought of getting my own.  With the second loan I got I bought the grinder of my own and now my business is also going very good and I am able to live a happy life with my husband and children. I am able to pay my children’s school fees and also look after the household necessities if any.

I thank the MAC society for being with us and supporting us and also for bringing a change in our lifes.