Taking up responsibility and bringing up children is not a small challenge

14 July 2014

My name is K. Jyothi and I am from Pezzonipet Mandal. Ours is a very poor family.My husband use to work in a footwear shop. Leaving me and our three children he disappeared somewhere. It’s been 4 years he left us. All three daughters are studying Intermediate, 10th standard and 8th standard respectively. I work in a hotel and the salary I was getting was not enough for our survival. Apart from this I used to make debts from friends and relatives. I was also thinking about other alternatives to get money for the family survival, then my elder daughter suggested about running our own hotel for which we need some money to make basic investment. Then I came to know that all my neighborhood ladies are saving money and are taking loans and doing business. They explained me about the process of how they are saving and getting loans.

They asked to join any one group or form an own group of mine. I met the “Amulya”group leader of my area and joined in that group. I started saving Rs.100 per month in the group. After saving for 7 months they sanctioned me a loan of Rs. 5000/- with which I started a small hotel at home. After that I have taken another loan and able to clear that also. Now my business has expanded and I am able to clear all my debts slowly. Now my children are helping me in the hotel work and also in the household. They are studying well and we all are happy now. All this credit goes to Don Bosco MAC Society that helped us in our bad time.

I thank the MAC society for helping us and giving us support during the struggle period.