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A Brief history:

In 1988 a building was built at Ponnur, one of the sub stations, to accommodate for the small gathering.

In 1994, a large area was carved out from the P.T.Parru  to form another centre with Ponnur town as the head quarters. The area under this mission covers about 400 sq. K.ms.


1. Student Scholarships and Tuition Centers

Youth care:

From the beginning an important feature of the mission work at P.T. Parru was the development of children and youth. This has translated into several programmes:

  1. The mission encourages and supports them for education, which includes Academic, technical, and higher education.
  2. A hostel was started at P.T. Parru for all the boys and girls of the mission areas at P.T. Parru and Ponnur.  We also give an English Medium education to a good number of students from the mission area.  Since the  communities are poor, education is free for students who are staying in the hostel and for day scholars.
  3. Since the communities increased from 5 in 1983 to 47 at present, we found it impossible to accommodate all the children in our hostels.  Hence evening oratories with tuitions were started three year ago for all the children of the villages.  In Ponnur we have 16 of such oratories.  We hope to extend it to all our mission stations.

2.Micro Credit Program 

Women Empowerment:  In the 2010, Bosco Ashram in collaboration with Bosco Seva Kendra , the development office of the province, Hyderabad started Women empowerment Programmes.  The Bosco Seva Kendra, implemented CBO (Community Based organization) through Self Help Groups (SHG) in three mandals: Pittlalvanipalem, Bapatla and Kakumanu.  It was started in August 2010 under direction of Fr. Jose K.  In the year 2011, the project was implemented by Fr. P. Arul Das as CEO (Chief Executive Officer). There were 300 Self Help Groups consisting of 3000 members. They were registered under MACS(Mutually Aided Co-operative Society) act in district Cooperative Registration Office. The MACS is a thrift and credit society Governed by a “board of directors” elected by the members. The society makes credit available to the members in proportion to their savings. This enables the group to organize micro entrepreneurship activity locally and enhance their income.Members were given trainings in income generating activities and micro credit was given on the basis of their savings.  Nearly 5000 families benefited with this programme.

  • To take a special care of the sick, the young, the poor and the old in the communities.
  • To take special care of the primary education of all the poor children in our villages.
  • To work for the social, educational, psychological, moral and economical development of the downtrodden sections of our mission.
  • To conscientise the people about sharing and helping the poor and needy in their communities.
  • To provide leadership training to be effective leaders in each community.
 Bosco Ashram
Bapatla Road
Nidubrolu (P.O)
Ponnur – 522 124
Guntur Dist
Andhra Pradesh
House (08643) 242114 ;


GOPU Marreddy

MACS (Mutually Aided Cooperative Societies)

  1. The Chaitanya MACS –P.V.Palem
  2. The Mother Theresa MACS –Bapatla
  3. The Kakumanu Mother Theresa MACS –Kakumanu