BSK has some of the following activities for the socially backward, physically challenged children, youth and women of this society

  • Community Based Development Programmes for the eradication of poverty, long-term sustainable development, continuing education for children, school enrollment for working children and alternate livelihood skills training for empowerment of women and of communities.

  • Regular School enrollment of all Children to give priority to continuing education, School enrollment for dropouts and non-formal education to working children.

  • Eradication of Child labour, Bonded labour and Rehabilitation of street / working children and school dropouts.

  • Vocational training for Children / Youth. Training programmes for children, youth, social workers and staff.

  • Career Guidance and Job Placement for the socially disadvantaged.

  • Health care programmes for children and women; Lobbying and Liaison with the concerned Departments and Governments.

  • Formation and Organization of Women Self Help Groups; Micro Credit Financing; Free legal aid.


The activities we take up help the most under-served.

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Women
  • Communities


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